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Uniqueness is in our nature

The original recipe for Antique Pelinkovac includes 40+ aromatic authentic Mediterranean herbs and 100% natural ingredients.

No artificial aromas, no preservatives, no taste amplifiers, no compromise. The flavour of this premium herbal liqueur is dominated by Wormwood, an aromatic herb characterized by its scent and bitter note and known for the beneficial effect on the human body.


One century old soul of our vigorous Spirit

From 1921 onwards, the unique and timeless Antique flavour is further enriched by the authentic A. Ziemann copper still.

It currently contains crystallized herbal residue from over 100 years of production and you can taste in every Antique bottle.

Two essential ingredients: Passion and Time

Each batch of opulent Antique macerate is carefully aged in oak barrels.

After it has matured perfectly and achieved its distinctive hue, it is carefully bottled, thus becoming a true Croatian craft product.

Dedication to every Detail

The original Antique Pelinkovac glass bottle is exhibited in Zagreb City Museum as a part of our cultural heritage.

It inspired us for creating the same authentic experience for the whole Antique range. To ensure premium quality control and supreme satisfaction, every bottle is marked with a unique serial number printed on the label at the back of the bottle.